Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Car bomb rattles Homs, 14 killed 50 Injuries

A car explosion in the city of Homs , Syria , has killed 14 people and wounded 50 others on Friday . So says the Syrian official news agency SANA .

'' Trap car bomb exploded in the district of Al - Waleed in Homs , killing 14 people and injuring 50 others , and causing severe damage to property , '' called laporn THERE .

No one claimed responsibility for the attack . Meanwhile , Revolution General Commission ( SRGC ) said 56 people were killed in fighting in various parts of the country .

He added that 32 people were killed in Homs , 14 in Aleppo , three in Edlib , three in Der - Ezzor , and one each in Daraa , Latakia and Hama .

Meanwhile , the United States is very concerned by the situation in Homs . Spokesman of the U.S. State Department , Jen Psaki , condemned what he called the Syrian government's attacks against the Old City of Homs .
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" We strongly condemn the violation of the cessation of hostilities and the regime over its brutal attacks against the Old City of Homs , " Psaki said in a briefing .


Original Indonesian Gaming Laptops Supported Graphics Cards Advanced

Original gaming laptop made ​​in Indonesia , Xenom , claimed to be the first laptop brand supported graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 8 Series . Variants laptop carry the latest hardware is Pegasus series , Shiva , Phoenix , and Hercules .

" We are the first gaming laptop brand that brings NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series to Indonesia . With this latest card faster graphics performance , visual sharper and clearer , and the most important is the power management with Battery Boost 2.0 which is only in the 8 series GTX , " Rolly said Edward , General Manager Xenom Indonesia , through its official statement .
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Just like the previous series which was equipped graphics card GeForce 7 Series , each Xenom notebook uses an Intel Core i Series fourth generation ( Haswell ) .

" To mark the line gaming laptop equipped Xenom GeForce 8 Series , we add the suffix X2 for each type of notebook . Example , Pegasus PS15 - X2 or X2 - HC17 Hercules , " added Edward .

NVIDIA officially quoted , some of the advantages to be gained users with GTX 8 Series graphics card to save power consumption is much greater than the GeForce 7 Series .

Architecturally innovative technology that can extend the game play twice as long without striking adapter . Also can record gameplay without losing performance and allows users to be able to stream from the notebook to the NVIDIA console android - base , SHIELD .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Maize inbred UGM lecturers Origin Madura and Sulawesi

JAKARTA - Corn is one crop that is widely known in the country . In fact , each region in Indonesia has local maize types have their respective advantages . Start of factors of production , harvesting , up resistance to certain virus attacks .

So , what happens if the combined advantages of each maize varieties through cross ? Innovation is the attempt made by researchers from the University of Gadjah Mada ( UGM) in Yogyakarta , Diah Rachmawati . ( Read: egg food ciblek )

Diah trying to marry the two local maize varieties , namely guluk - guluk and Heroine Yellow - 1 . Guluk - guluk is Madurese local maize varieties which have the advantage of a shorter -lived ( 65-75 days ) , have protein and fat content is quite high , and tolerant of dry soil conditions .

Meanwhile , Heroine Yellow 1 virus is known to have resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus ( CMV ) and higher production than guluk - guluk . Lecturer at the Faculty of Biology , said the reason the two types of corn did cross it is to get a new variety that has the advantage of both .

" We want to get corn varieties that can produce high , have a shorter lifespan , and resistant to the virus . Equally important , can be planted in hard water areas , " Diah said , as quoted from the site of UGM , Friday ( 18/4/2014 ) .

Before meeting Dangan the two types of corn , Rachmawati conduct of various types of local corn with a variety of advantages and disadvantages. He also asked some colleagues diligent , farmer , to Cereal Crops Research Institute ( BALITSEREAL ) in each region .

The problem is not all corn has the desired advantage . Moreover, in general, weak local maize against biotic factor because it is not resistant to virus attacks , not even a little bit of crop failure due to viruses .

" Madura it has some superior local corn . We explore the varieties of information anywhere that has resistance to the virus . Finally , guluk - guluk chosen , " said a woman who has done the research over the last five years .

Guluk - guluk is the name of one of the districts in Madura . In place of it , a lot of corn planted trees . Varieties , he added , has many advantages . Start of resistant viruses , the corn harvest in the area was much shorter , which is under three months or 75 days . " In a short time , we expect more densely planted each season , " said Rachmawati .

According Rachmawati , corn seeds in Madura is known to have preferred the taste and quality of the community . Unfortunately, the production is still small , approximately 4 tons per hectare . Unlike the Yellow Heroine 1 whose seed was taken from Maros , South Sulawesi .

" Corn in this type of production is much higher , ie seven tons . Gynecology protein and fat were also higher . Both of us combined , " he said .

He hoped that the new hybrid corn research that can support the government's program to improve the national maize production . Because the local maize production has not been able to meet the needs of the market and should be done imports .

" The increase in corn production will not only farming , but also with genetic improvement . So can develop superior corn locally , " added Rachmawati .


Can Small Voice, PPP Candidates Take Back The assistance for mosque

Candidates Development Party (PPP) to Parliament the South Halmahera (Halsel), North Maluku (Maluku), named Ruslan Djafar take back the assistance given to a mosque when the last campaign.

"The team is currently Ruslan Djafar last campaign cash donated USD 10 million to the mosque of Al-immigrants as well as a television and satellite dish unit for youths in the village of Pasir Putih, District Kayoa, Halsel," said Treasurer of the Al-Muhadjirin, Fardanan Fahri in Ternate Friday (18/4).

At that time, he was asked to Ruslan, whether the assistance is related to politics. But Ruslan is currently listed as a member of the local parliament Halsel of the National Front Party claimed, all in aid of charity.

However, Fardanan said, a few days after the legislative polls, or rather pascapleno at PPS level, Ruslan team came to take back the aid. The reason, the vote in the region Ruslan was only seven votes.

Local mosque and regret the actions of the winning team Ruslan. Because linking relief previously recognized only as a charity with political interests. In particular the implementation of the legislative elections of 2014.

Actually, he said, Ruslan is not wrong to provide such assistance in the White Sand Village. Even though pileg not gain a significant voice.

Because the pileg 2004 and 2009, mostly local people to vote for the concerned. Sehingg then he sat and sat in Parliament for two terms Halsel district.
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Ruslan and team success is still difficult confirmed related to it. But a number of people in North Maluku judge, Ruslan action it shows a very good and harm democracy.


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Cooperative Got Trouble, Stock Down 9% Cipaganti

Shares Cipaganti PT Citra Graha Tbk (CPGT) shares plunged in trading Wednesday 1 (16.04.2014). One newspaper company shareholders are Cipaganti Cooperative Work To Persada amid difficult to pay returns to investors give negative sentiment to share CPGT.

Based on data from RTI, CPGT stock drop 7.96% to a price of Rp 186 per share at 09:39 pm. Stocks open lower CPGT Rp 200 per share, and is the highest level. In addition, the shares are at their lowest level CPGT Rp 175 per share.

Frequency stock trading Cipaganti PT Citra Graha Tbk reached 379 times the volume of stock trading stock 19 137 lots. Stock trading value reached USD 349.8 million.

At 10:17 pm, shares continue to be depressed by weak CPGT 9.45% to Rp 182 per share. The total frequency stock trading reached 486 times the value of the transaction of Rp 460.9 million.

Cipaganti Cooperative Work To Persada is one of the shareholders of PT Citra Graha Tbk Cipaganti that owns approximately 4.92%. Then PT Cipaganti Global Corporindo has 51.28%, the public has a stake of 48.71% CPGT.
Cipaganti Corporate Secretary of PT Citra Graha Tbk, Toto Moeljono stated that he did not know the details of the investment made Cipaganti Cooperative Work To Persada. He admitted that there was delay in payment of investment returns for investors by Guna Karya Persada Cipaganti Cooperative.

"I do not know the details, but there is a delay in payment, only partially. Cooperative Cipaganti also has made investors gathering explained the situation occurring conditions," said Toto, when contacted, Wednesday (04/16/2014).
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Previous Cipaganti Cooperative Work To Persada reportedly is experiencing liquidity problems. That's because it started late pay investors monthly returns. Reportedly monthly returns vary. Each member of the cooperative reportedly earn about 2% interest.

Whether to pay investment returns investors or not, the majority shareholder of PT Citra Graha Tbk Cipaganti (CPGT) namely PT Cipaganti Global Korporindo diligent CPGT selling shares since early 2014. Currently confirmed about it, Toto said he did not know about it because transaction was carried out by the shareholders.

Based on information disclosure statement to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), PT Cipaganti Global Korporindo release CPGT stock 16 times since early 2014. Achieved total funds reached Rp 83.18 billion.


Senin, 14 April 2014

Prices Predicted to Rise R1 iPhone 6 Million

CUPERTINO - Apple reportedly negotiating a number of companies in the telecom operator to raise the price of the iPhone 6 will be released this year . Apple iPhone 6 asking price increase of $ 100 , or approximately R1 , 1 million (exchange Rp11.440 per USD ) .

This news comes from an analyst firm Jefferies , Peter Misek , who says that Apple is lobbying company operator . But the good news , as reported by PhoneArena , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , price increase request was rejected by the operator firm .

This price increase , said Misek , because of the increased performance and screen made ​​by Apple . As we all know , Apple's rumored iPhone 6 will release a phone with 5.7 -inch size , despite also setting up a phone with a smaller size , 4.7 inches .
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" Checks indicate that we did Apple start negotiating with the operator company with rising prices of USD100 iPhone 6 . Response ( of the operator ) is denial , but it seems there is no other reason to accept it , " said Misek .

Jefferies analyst of the company found the operator inevitably have to accept the price increase . Because the iPhone 6 will likely be the most popular phones this year . Therefore , if the mobile operator reject , then they will lose a lot of advantages .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

April 15, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Back Discuss Aceh Flag

Ministry of Home Affairs , Government and Aceh provincial parliament will hold discussions with the Qanun on 15 April. The discussion carried out immediately prior to the quiet period ends in Aceh .

"Later dates between 15 or 16 April we want a meeting again , because the limit ' cooling down ' the latter falls on April 17. Meeting be attended Aceh Governor Abdullah Zaini in Jakarta , " said Director General of Regional Autonomy Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA Director General of Regional Autonomy ) Djohermansyah Djohan in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

He said the meeting will be discussed again on Draft Regulation and Draft Presidential Decree that have not been completed since the polemics Qanun No. 3 of 2013 on the emblem and flag of Aceh in March 2013 ago .

" There are two draft regulations and a draft decree that will be discussed , then we also want to ask if there is a flag emblem developmental changes , " he said .

He said , still same problem arises , ie there is no common ground between the Central Government and the Provincial Government of Aceh , among others, the issue of natural resources and the local authority territorial sea boundary .

" The issue of the limits in the Act ( No. 32 of 2004 ) does not allow more than 12 miles, but they ( Aceh ) asked for more . MoU also states that the territorial sea surrounding Aceh , it means yes 12 miles, " he explained .

In Law No. 32 Year 2004 on Regional Government , in article 18, paragraph 4 states marine area management by local authorities , which is 12 nautical miles to the province and 1/3-nya ( or 4 miles) to the district / city .
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Until now, the negotiation process is still ongoing , even the two sides agreed to extend the discussion because it has not found an agreement on the use of the symbol of the flag area .